Circle of Six

Public Speaking Coaching WorkshopCircle of Six is a group coaching model that evolved from Geneva’s private coaching.  “What you do is what we need,” her clients have said.  Six people make a six-week commitment to guided coillaboration.  Meeting once per week, Geneva teaches public speaking techniques.  Additionally, a member of the group delivers a prepared presentation and receives feedback from the other members of the group.  Then Geneva offers targeted coaching to help the speaker improve.  A safe, supportive environment is maintained at all times, even when we have to deal with specific suggestions for improvement.  Receiving criticism is never easy, but if it is given in the spirit of evaluating vs. criticizing, the speaker has something to grow on.  After the initial feedback, the speaker practices the suggestions and experiences immediate improvement. Members learn both by watching and participating in the feedback. Read below to see what people are saying about these classes:

“Thanks for such a wonderful Circle of Six journey.  I felt that I could completely let my guard down.  I felt safe in making mistakes and offering compliments and criticism.  I can’t think of anything I did not like.  The mistakes I found in others I also found in myself.  I appreciate how you lovingly pointed out how I can improve. You EXCEEDED my expectations.  It was a bargain.”


“I learned a lot about listening.  I now listen more carefully and critically when I hear people speaking. In the class I learned about focus, body movement, emotion, stance and that I can give a speech. Now that I have had my turn in the spotlight – wow! I thought it was so beneficial and a great way to practice and work through a short speech.  I really liked how you focused in on a couple of things to really give me practice and to make my talk more concise and effective.  So helpful!”


“The most important thing I have learned is that every time I speak there should be a purpose and a focus. I would definitely recommend this class to others! You are really great at doing this!”


“Geneva, you are a talented speaker with a clear desire to bless others by sharing your knowledge and expertise.”


“Geneva! I worked as the Area Governor with you as the District Governor, I knew you for years as a magnificent communicator in the spectra of roles, but you amazed me today as the speech coach.”

MUSC Professor of Mathematics and Physics 

"I have really been learning a lot in your class. You are such a solid speaker, picking up on the nuances that make a presentation better than good--but great!"