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Watch Geneva in action

TEDx Greenville 2013 Audition Video

Winning Speech – Toastmasters Division Contest – March 2012

Endorsements from people who have heard Geneva speak:

“Geneva spoke to the ladies of Morningside Baptist Church at our annual Christmas brunch. Geneva’s message of hope and encouragement is contagious! She is a dynamic speaker who is relatable to ladies of all ages and life situations. Geneva has the gift of getting down to the ‘heart of the matter’ – every word is carefully chosen and used effectively to communicate her message. I have been reminded of her words many times since she spoke to our group. Our ladies came away from her presentation challenged and refreshed. I’m thankful Geneva was able to share her talents with us.”

April Dunn, President, Morningside Baptist Ladies Fellowship

“Geneva, you received 100% positive feedback on our surveys with everyone saying they would refer a friend to your presentation. That is a sign you did a great job to receive all positive feedback! I personally enjoyed your presentation as it applies a lot to what I do every week in the chamber events. You have a wonderful demeanor, and you can tell this is your God given talent to speak to groups!”

Yancey Epps, Sales and Marketing Director, Fountain Inn Chamber of Commerce

“Geneva is an accomplished speaker and leader. She has spoken at many different venues including small clubs, companies, and regional and state-wide competitions. She effectively pulls together the many speech techniques, such as gestures and language, and uses them to entertain or make her point effectively. She also shares her knowledge and coaches those who surround her and is considered a leader in our club and wider organization.”

Ted Hardwicke, Electrical Engineer, GE

“I have known Geneva through Toastmasters International for many years. Geneva is an accomplished speaker, whom I have had a chance to hear and compete with. Years later, I am reminded from time to time of one of her speeches relating to candles that melted in the attic before they were ever used. Genvea also provided helpful suggestions to me, when I was honing one of my speeches, for the Toastmasters Humerous Speech Contest.”

Timothy Monahan, Patent Counsel, Milliken & Company

“I have used Geneva Anderson to speak to several of my organizations throughout the years. When you hire Geneva you get her full attention – she goes the extra mile to impact your organization.  What sets Geneva apart from other professional speakers is her caring attitude. She cares that you are successful. She cares so much that she becomes, not a vendor, but a valued member of your team. I unreservedly recommend Geneva and invite anyone to contact me if they need more information.

Will May, Area People Director, Waffle House

“I have had the opportunity to hear Ms. Geneva Anderson speak on several occasions. She is an award winning speaker that brings a great deal of talent to the table. She is a true delight and will absolutely add to any occasion. She has the ability to look at the most mundane events in life and provide some of the most delightful words of humor, inspiration and/or motivation. If you’re looking for a quality keynote speaker, an emcee, a roast master you have the right person.
It is an honor to give my highest recommendation to Ms. Geneva Anderson as a public speaker for any event.

Phillip Woody, DTM, Toastmasters District 58 Governor – Lt. Col. (Retired) US Marines

“Geneva, is an experienced speaker that can dazzle an audience.”

Ron Adams, Owner, Adams Application Services Inc

“Geneva is a first rate speaker, as well as being highly effective at providing feedback to others. She tends toward very high competence, is as reliable as can be, and brings a great deal of motivation regardless of circumstances. You can trust Geneva to bring her A-game in all situations.”

Ron Chapman, Founder, Leading Public Health

“Geneva is a wonderful speaker and a truly surprising comedian. She always inspires me with her speeches and the messages she brings to light. I highly recommend her as a motivational and inspiring speaker.”

Sharon Reshni, Sr. Piping Designer, Fluor

“If you have need for a speaker then you have found the right person in Ms. Anderson. I have heard her speak on many occasions in both public and private settings and I have always come away knowing that her presentation was spot on. Ms. Anderson is articulate in her subject matter, is motivational through her message, and persuasive in her call to action. Geneva Anderson is one of the rare speakers whose life story contributes to the message she is called to deliver. Geneva is a server-leader who motivates just by gracing the platform from which she will speak. Congratulations on finding her; her audiences are going to be well served by her presentation!

William “Bill” May, VP-Marketing & Development

“Geneva Anderson is a seasoned and outstanding speaker. Her speeches have always been sincere, coming from the heart and focused. She connects with audiences with great ease. A great sense of humor punctuates even her most serious speeches. She has a sense of enjoyment of life and her kindness to people less fortunate than her comes through in her talks. She can easily coach someone to be World champion of public speaking, if she sets her mind to it!”

Subbi Mathur, Past District Governor, Distinguished District 58 Toastmasters, 2011-12, District 58 Toastmasters

Alan Melton“Geneva I want to thank you for your excellent speech coaching. You have helped me to deliver my presentations with more confidence, enthusiasm and clarity. I am a more effective speaker as a result of your outstanding work.”Sincerely,

Alan Melton, President, Small Business Coach Associates

Other links

Greenville Toastmasters Club – Geneva is a member

Palmetto Toastmasters Club – Geneva is a member


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