From Miracle to Miracle

“Geneva, you just live from crisis to crisis,” observed one of my friends many years ago. While an overview of my life would seem to support her statement, I choose to believe that I have lived from miracle to miracle. Here is one case in point.

My mother was diagnosed with a brain tumor and was scheduled for surgery. This news could not have come at a worse time for me. It was one of the few times in my life when I was not working, and my husband had a job as a commissioned salesman in a local department store. I was in South Carolina. Mother, my sister and five brothers were in Arizona. The family wanted me to come, and they chipped in to cover the plane ticket. But travel takes more than just a plane ticket, and I had absolutely no funds for expenses. God, in his forethought, brought a gentleman who needed some typing done. I finished his project the day I was to leave for Arizona, and he paid me $20.

I finished packing, loaded the children into the car to go pick up my husband from work. There was no time to come home and fix supper, so we stopped at McDonalds. It took $11 to feed the five of us, so I boarded the plane for a four-day trip with $9 in my pocket.
I landed in Phoenix about 2 a.m. and was met by my sister and brother-in-law. From the airport we drove to Tucson. My mother’s surgery was scheduled for very early in the morning. The plan was for all eight children to gather beforehand. The family bond was strong as we stood around her bed, clasped hands and prayed for our mother to have a successful outcome. Even though Mother knew the Lord, the gravity of the situation was not lost on any of us. Once she was transported to the operating room, we were advised there would be no reports for several hours; so we decided to get some breakfast. This was the first threat to the $9 in my pocket. God intervened and one of my brothers picked up the ticket for my breakfast. He had no idea of my situation.

It had been decided that I would stay behind to see Mother through the surgery and keep the family updated. While we were still at the restaurant, I called my husband’s sister who had moved very recently to Tucson. I had arranged to stay with her while her husband was out of town for a few days. She picked me up at the restaurant; and on the way to her apartment, we made a stop at K-Mart. There were some things I did need, and I recall spending about $5. She made her purchases and we continued on to her apartment. I had no idea where the apartment might be or how I would get back and forth to the hospital to be with Mother. But God was once again way ahead of me. Her apartment was right across the street from the hospital where my mother was at that very hour having the brain tumor removed!

For the next couple of days, I made many trips back and forth across the street to take advantage of every minute while she was in intensive care. The refrigerator at the apartment was well stocked with food, so I had no reason to spend the remaining $4. By Saturday, Mother was out of intensive care recovering nicely. The tumor was not malignant. The Lord be praised! What rejoicing in our hearts at his goodness.

On Saturday my sister came to see Mother and to take me back to Phoenix for my flight home Sunday evening. While in Phoenix I decided to visit my home church; and when the offering plate was passed, I felt impressed of the Lord to give $2 – the tithe on the $20 the man had paid me for the typing job. With praise to the Lord, I returned home from a long journey with $2 still in my pocket.
Only God in his power and glory could orchestrate the chain of events that resulted in my every need being met. A crisis? Yes. But during this crisis, I went from miracle to miracle over the course of four days, each turn unfolding according to God’s perfect plan and provision. Who is a God like our God? There is none.

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