“Nothing is Random”

At the crossroads Thomas Guignard via Compfight
In Jesus Calling, I read, “Nothing is random in My Kingdom. Everything fits into a pattern for good, to those who love Me.” Thus, I began ruminating especially on the phrase “Nothing is random….”

The Lord frequently reminds me…because I too soon forget…just how intimately he is involved in the minutest details of my life. From being “fearfully and wonderfully made” to being “accepted in the beloved,” there is a divine concert in my life that continues playing out moment by moment through the masterful conducting of Christ. When I can grasp just how intricately he is weaving the warp and woof of his plan, there is rest and a fearless trust. In recent months, I have experienced a blessed rest that comes from fearless trust. Yes, I will confess to moments of fear, but fear is fleeting in the face of who my God is.

I have been at a crossroads trying to discern the Lord’s forward path for me. I was not questioning God’s master plan as I felt sure I was headed in the general direction of where he wanted me to go. Yet I was very perplexed at how he might possibly be executing that plan.

Having set upon the path of being a professional speaker, I knew it would take some time to find my niche. Never mind that I was entering a very crowded and highly competitive field. I was confident of the Lord’s leading in the matter. My vision was of speaking engagements here, there, everywhere! And God granted some exciting opportunities over time. It was humbling when I had to rely on family for support when there was not income sufficient. At one point I even took a part-time job that allowed me great flexibility for scheduling speaking engagements, but the whole time I sensed the Lord was not pleased by my lack of trust in his ability to care for me. When that job played out – not enough work to keep me busy – the Lord had made his point. There were some difficult months, but God was faithful.

At that crossroads, in desperation I cried out to the Lord with a very unglamorous prayer: “Lord, I need to either go big or go home.” In reality, that prayer was God bringing me to the point where I was ready to boldly step out AGAIN in faith and trust him to open every door, guide each step. Shortly after, the Lord began sending people who needed help strengthening their speaking and communications skills who were willing to pay for the help! The exciting thing is that this is as much a ministry as it is a service, and seeing someone grasp the principles of effective speaking is great reward. The beauty is that Christ has allowed me to witness how intricately he has been working to prepare and enable me. Truly, I see and know experientially that “Nothing is random….”

God has opened the way for me to help people who put both feet in their mouth at the same time because those folks don’t have a leg to stand on! The Lord be praised!