An Intentional Life

My church has faithfully prayed for me ever since I was diagnosed with cancer 21 years ago.  Yes, my name has appeared on the prayer list almost weekly. “Most people on the church prayer list either get well…or die… yet I have not managed to do either!”  When I made that statement to the congregation at a Wednesday service, I was intentionally trying to be funny; and from their response, I was successful.  Everyone laughed.

I went on to share by way of an update to these dear ones who have prayed so faithfully that there is every indication there will not be another 21 years.  Laughter?  In the face of death? Absolutely!  To me, this is a great manifestation of the grace and mercy of God.  How wonderful that my loving heavenly father allows me to bring laughter even while coming to grips once again with my own mortality.  Just because I may be suffering does not mean that everyone around me has to suffer as well!

Thus has begun in my spirit a subtle but very real transition from this life to the next.  In what I believe was a providentially directed birthday gift from a friend, I have been reading Pursue the Intentional Life by Jean Fleming.  Her insightful writing held up to the test of Scripture is helping me determine how I want to live the rest of my life.  Jean wrote a prayer that my heart echoes:

“Father, dear Father, only You know how many days I have left on earth and what joys, opportunities, and challenges are ahead for me. I give myself to You again.  Lord God, I want Continue reading