To Encourage a Friend

Many who know me are aware of my continuing battle with cancer. I am sure I will write more of that journey here, but one of the blessings of the journey is that of being an encouragement to others who are also enduring the cancer crucible.

The lady to whom the following message was sent was recently told that her cancer is progressing very rapidly through her body. Her time is growing short. Thankfully she is a believer; but until we are finally with the Lord, the sufferings of this present life can be pretty intense.

Dear Linda,

The Lord continues to keep you in my heart. When you stop to think about it, God has given us a unique journey. Although most people understand that they will not live forever, they are not aware of their own mortality. In effect, they live as if they had all the time in the world. You and I are more fortunate. We know that our time on this earth is limited and very finite. Therefore, we have the blessed opportunity of loving intensely, giving unselfishly (what is there to save ourselves for?), and beginning the mental transition from this life to the next.

It was for the “joy set before him” that Christ was able to endure the pain and suffering of the cross. It is for that same joy that we endure this rite of passage into the glorious presence of our Lord. My goal is to be so strongly in love with the Lord and so aware of his presence in my life now that the transition will be seamless. I pray the presence of God in your life will so flood you with peace that even those closest to you will rejoice at the blessing you will soon have to be with your Lord. I pray God will make them jealous of the privilege you have of setting your heart to be with him.


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